I'm not just a programmer
I'm also a gamer

These are some games I enjoy


The blocky virtual world of Minecraft allows you do to anything you want! I enjoy building within this game as it allows me to get creative and build anything I want. It's kinda like virtual Legos, ya know? If I don't feel like building, I can always go into survival and try to survive for as long as I can with a goal in mind.


What would you do when your home planet gets destroyed by a tentacle monster in some futuristic utopia where flying cars exist? You go to space of course! But then again, your ship must be broken somewhere and you must break down in the middle of nowhere, otherwise, Starbound wouldn't even exist... In Starbound, you get to play as different "races" and your main goal is to find five main "artifacts" to restore harmony to the universe. You can play it any way you want, just survive.

Stardew Valley

Who's a fan of Harvest Moon? Raise your hand if you are a fan, no seriously, raise your damn hand, I can see you. Like I said, Stardew Valley is like the old time classic Harvest Moon, you own a farm and you are able to start a family, you can do anything you like in this game, you play the game your way. It has some sort of relaxing factor to this, when I play this game, I can somehow feel a connection with my character, but I guess that's just me.

Hotline Miami 2

Ever wanted fast action gameplay but thinking Call Of Duty is to slow for you? (I probably triggered some people out there...) Hotline Miami is not like that, it is a very fast and action packed game that will make you pull your hair out, cause I know I did. Believe me, you will die a lot in this game, but other then that, it is very fun to play.

Well, these are some of the games that I can list here, I still have plenty of games that I enjoy playing, but I can't list them all now, can I? If you would like to see what kind of games I play, you can visit my Steam page here!